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The Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology was founded in 1992 and is one of the first three departments at NBU. Its acadamic staff is interdisciplinary - it encompasses psychologists, neuroscientists, computer scientists, linguists and philosophers who carry out intensive research in different fields of cognitive science, developmental psychology, personality psychology, social psychology, organizational psychology and clinical psychology. The Department has a long history of participation in international research projects; it is part of European academic networks and has organized several international conferences.

The Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology offers two undergraduate, four graduate and one postgraduate programmes, some of them in English. Over 1,200 students, including students from Central and Eastern Europe, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK and the USA have undergone training in the programmes of the department. Together with the Centre for Cognitive Science, the Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology plays host of an annual International Summer School in Cognitive Science, which attracts postgraduate students, young scientists and students from all continents.


Department Structure

Section of Cognitive Science and Development

It deals with the study of human memory, thinking, conceptual system, visual perception, learning, language, and their development. It also conducts applied research in the field of advertising, training, clinical practice, the interaction man - external environment, the usability of products and services.

Section Head: Prof. Stefan Mateev, DSc


Section of Personal and Social Psychology

It focuses on research in the field of personality psychology, social psychology, cross-cultural psychology and the applications of psychology in organizational consulting and the selection and development of staff in school context.

Section Head: Assoc. Prof. Margarita Dilova, PhD


Section of Clinical Psychology

It is dedicated to research in the field of clinical psychology, following the psychoanalytic paradigm. It features practical application including psychological counseling and psychotherapy. It works in close cooperation with clinics, medical centers and therapeutic practices.

Section Head: Assoc. Prof. Nikola Atanasov, PhD



Experimental Psychology Laboratory
Cognitive Development Laboratory
Neuroscience Laboratory
Usability Laboratory
Cognitive Robotics and Artificial Cognitive Systems Laboratory


Seminars, Schools, Conferences:

Seminar Series of the Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology
Winter School in Cognitive Science
Annual Conference of the Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology
Summer School in Cognitive Science


Department Chair:
Assoc Prof. Elena Andonova, PhD

Building 1, Room 403

tel.: 02/8110 403, в. 1403



Stefka Karparova
Building 1, Room 414B
tel.: 02/8110 414, в. 14141