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доц. д-р Морис Гринберг

доц. д-р Морис Гринберг

Име  доц. д-р Морис Гринберг

email: mgrinberg@nbu.bg


Академична длъжност: доцент


Научна степен: доктор


Основни изследователски интереси в областта на: експериментална икономика, взимане на решение и морални дилеми, когнитивно моделиране, изследвания с апаратура за проследяване на погледа


Допълнителни изследователски интереси в областта на: потребителско поведение, ползваемост, е-обучение


Възможности за експертиза в областта на: качество в образованието, е-обучение, ползваемост


Преподавателски интереси в областта на: теории и модели в психологията, взимане на решение, невронни мрежи, въведение във физиката




1994 г. – Доктор (кфн)

1987 г. – Магистър по физика със специализация “Физика на атомното ядро и елементарните частици”


Членство в организации: Дружество по когнитивна наука


Участие в национални и международни проекти:


2002-2005 г. -  EUROCOG: Project for Centre of Excellence – Integration of Central and East European Centre for Cognitive Science into the European Cognitive Science Research Area, EC FP5


2004-2007 г. - Mind RACES: from Reactive to Anticipatory Cognitive Embodied Systems, EC FP6


2004-2007 г. -· WELKOM: Working and E-Learning with Knowledge and Operational Management, Leonardo


2006-2008 г. - RASCALLI: Responsive Artificial Situated Cognitive Agents Living and Learning on the Internet, EC FP6


2006-2014 г. - Eucognition: European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive

Systems, EC FP6, FP7


2005-2007 г. - NETTLE: Network of European Tertiary Educators, Socrates


2005-2007 г. - EUROCORES programme CNCC: Consciousness in a Natural and Cultural

Context, European Science Fund


2008-2010 г. - Cross-Modal Analysis of Verbal and Non-Verbal

Communication, COST action 2102, ESF


2008-2011 г. - LarKC: development of the Large Knowledge Collider, a platform for massive distributed incomplete reasoning that will remove the scalability barriers of currently existing reasoning systems for the Semantic Web, EC FP7, large-scale integrating project


2010-2012 г. - SF-HEAT: e-Learning in Aeronautics, програма Tempus IV


2010-2013 г. - RENDER: Reflecting knowledge diversity, EC FP7

2008 г. -  Digital Spaces Living Lab (http://www.digitalspaces.info), European Network of Living Labs (EnoLL), EC


2013-2014 г. – Multisensor: Mining and Understanding of Multilingual Content for Intelligent Sentiment Enriched Context and Social Oriented, Interpretation EC FP7


По-важни публикации:


Hristova, E., Kadreva, V., & Grinberg, M. (2014). Moral Judgments and Emotions: Exploring the Role of ‘Inevitability of death’ and‘Instrumentality of harm’.  In P. Bello, M. Guarini, M. McShane, & B. Scassellati (Eds.), Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society


Grinberg, M. & Hristova, E. (Eds.) (2012) Efficiency and Usability of E-Learning Systems: A Project-Oriented Methodology Guide, 142 pp., ISBN 978-954-535-746-6.

Grinberg, M., Hristova, E. & Borisova, M. (2012). Cooperation in Prisoner’s Dilemma Game: Influence of Social Relations. In N. Miyake, D. Peebles, & R. P. Cooper (Eds.), Proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 408 - 413). Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society. ISBN: 978-0-9768318-8-4.

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Grinberg, M., Hristova E., & Lalev, E. (2010) Models for cooperative decisions in prisoner’s dilemma, In Nefti, S. & Gray, J. (eds.). Advances in Cognitive Systems, IET, London, pp. 169-207.

Grinberg, M. & Hristova, E. (2009). SARL: A Computational Reinforcement Learning Model with Selective Attention. In N.A. Taatgen & H. van Rijn (Eds.), Proceedings of the 31th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Cognitive Science Society.


Grinberg M., & Lalev, E. (2008). Anticipation in Coordination. In:  The Challenge of Anticipation, eds: Pezzulo, G., Butz, M. V., Castelfranchi, C.,  Falcone, R., LNAI 5225,  pp. 219–239.


Chater, N., Vlaev, I., & Grinberg, M. (2008). A new consequence of Simpson’s paradox: Stable cooperation in one-shot prisoner’s dilemma from populations of individualistic learning agents. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 136 (3), (lead article).


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